Navigation of composite steel-concrete beam design with web openings using innovative software

Webinar program


March 27 2024


11:00 am - 11:45 am


45 minutes

About the webinar

Come join us as we unveil our new innovative software for composite steel-concrete beam design with web openings!
This exclusive webinar will launch the innovative HERA's software we have developed for the efficient design of composite steel-concrete beams featuring web openings. Developed in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS 2327) design regulations, this user-friendly tool promises detailed results while transparently outlining relevant clauses and equations from the standard.

Who should attend?

This webinar will be a great resource to help engineers, academia, and practitioners, to use this newly developed software tool. Gain intuitive insight into the design process of these structural components without the need to have any background knowledge by enrolling today.

About this webinar

This webinar has been pre-recorded, with a live Q&A at the end with Maryam.


Maryam Hasanali | Structural Engineer

Over 10 years of research and consulting experience on seismic design, analysis, and assessment of different structural systems have ensured my knowledge of the design and handling of diverse buildings. During the pursuit of my PhD studies at the University of Auckland, I have proven a track record in the development of technical solutions and the creation of innovative guidelines for the design of cold-formed steel structures. Notably, my contribution to the revision of the AS/NZS 2327 design standard (since I joined HERA in September 2023) highlights an in-depth understanding of the regulations governing the design of composite steel-concrete beams with web openings. Join me in the upcoming webinar, where we will explore the software for the design of composite steel-concrete beams with web openings.

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